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🌀 Default Ice

An annex delivers the capability to set default ices for the next zi command, e.g:

set default-ices:

zi default-ice lucid from"gh-r"

this will download from GitHub releases (gh-r) and also use the lucid ice by default:

zi wait for \  sbin        junegunn/fzf-bin \  sbin"**/pk" peco/peco

The wait ice cannot be made default by using this subcommand.


An annex provides a subcommand – default-ice which has the following synopsis:

— default-ice [ -s | -c | -g | -t | -q | -h ] [ -s ] — Show currently set default ices [ -c ] — Reset default ices [ -g ] — Return current ices in REPLAY hash [ -t ] — Show statistics [ -q ] — Hide all messages [ -h ] — This message

Install default-ice​

Add the following snippet in the .zshrc file:

zi light z-shell/z-a-default-ice

This will register the default-ice subcommand.