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This Project welcomes contributions, suggestions, and feedback. All contributions, suggestions, and feedback you submitted are accepted under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

You represent that if you do not own copyright in the code that you have the authority to submit it under the Project's license. All feedback, suggestions, or contributions are not confidential.

[Should be further filled in by the project - including defining the requirements to reach maintainer status]

The Project abides by the Organization's code of conduct and trademark policy.

Community membership

New contributors

New contributors should be welcomed to the community by existing members, helped with PR workflow, and directed to relevant documentation and communication channels.


Members are continuously active contributors in the community. They can have issues and PRs assigned to them, and pre-submit tests are automatically run for their PRs. Members are expected to remain active contributors to the community.

Established community members

Established community members are expected to demonstrate their adherence to the principles in this document. Familiarity with project organization, roles, policies, procedures, conventions, etc., and technical and/or writing ability. Role-specific expectations, responsibilities.

Licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 License.