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🎉 Introduction

Install and control almost everything from GitHub: Annexes, Packages, Gallery of Invocations.

Fast and feature-rich​

  • Meta plugins allow installing groups of plugins via a single, friendly label.
  • Packages offload the user from providing long and complex commands.
  • Annexes allow extend the plugin manager with new commands.
  • Turbo mode yields 50-80% faster Zsh startup.

Neat and flexible​

  • Customize paths, use multiple prompts or create your own plugins.
  • Supports Oh My Zsh and Prezto plugins and libraries. (migration).
  • Does not use $FPATH, loading multiple plugins doesn't clutter $FPATH with the same number of entries, e.g: 10, 15, or more.
  • Code is immune to KSH_ARRAYS and other options typically causing compatibility problems.
  • Do not require sudo, and provide many workarounds e.g: setting so-called shims locally.

Familiarize and control​

  • Visualize data: aliases, functions, bindkeys, Zle widgets, zstyles, completions, variables, $PATH, and $FPATH elements a plugin has set up.
  • Quickly familiarize oneself with a new plugin and provides rich and easy-to-digest information that might be helpful on various occasions.
  • Load or unload plugins, use the ability to manage completions.
  • Docker playground, test or propose configurations.